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Unfolding Stories is a Christian podcast that collects diverse testimonies of how people came to faith in Jesus Christ and of moments when God boldly showed up in their lives. Each episode focuses on a different way in which God challenges and celebrates his creation, with a new testimony told firsthand by the person who experienced […]

Friends Justin Skeesuck and Patrick Gray are pictured smiling on a country road surrounded by trees. These men are part of our Inspiring Men series for Father's Day.

Inspiring Men: Two Best Friends, One Wheelchair And 500 Miles.

It’s a beautiful, lazy San Diego Saturday and I’m alone in my living room with the ATV remote braced against my leg. Though I can no longer open doors, hold a cup to my lips, or button my shirt, I can still somehow manage to use the remote. Every bit of independence is precious. I […]

A man stands in a church with a pale red-colored lit up cross in the near distance behind him, as he reads his Bible. How do I start reading the Bible? We can help answer that question in this blog post.

How Do I Start Reading the Bible?

The Holy Bible can seem like a big, overwhelming, sometimes highly confusing book—we know your hesitation with reading it, and we know exactly how you feel when deciding where to start in the Bible. A lot of people reading the Bible for the first time have had the same thought; how do I start the […]

A man and his young daughter are seen outside in a field, with a breeze ruffling her hair. Her father kisses her cheek with great affection. We can be effective Fathers of Faith with these four principles.

Inspiring Men: The Four Key Traits of an Effective Father of Faith.

Guest post written by Roger Patterson, author of A Minute of Vision for Men I want to unpack a biblical “Father of Faith.” His name is Jairus, and he was an influential man. He was a ruler of the synagogue and a religious leader. He was successful and prominent. But, like you and me, Jairus found […]

Spiritual or Religious?

This week’s blog is by Greg Paul, author of Resurrecting Religion and was originally posted on The Disciple Maker. Given the travesties the church has committed in the past and the nonsense it still gets stuck in today, it’s tempting to just chuck the whole notion of religion into the waste bin of failed concepts. Mighty tempting, indeed. Especially when we ourselves are also […]

Seize the Day: How to Draw Closer to God

Today’s blog was written by Katherine J. Butler and was originally posted on Read the Arc. Have you ever felt like there was so much distance between you and someone else that nothing you could do would ever close the gap between you? I have. In the first few years of our marriage, my husband and I struggled to feel close. In addition […]

The Bible in 6 Sentences

This week’s blog was written by Leonard Sweet and was originally posted on The Discipleship Maker. Someone once challenged me: “I bet I can tell you the whole Old Testament and New Testament in six sentences—three for each.” “You’re on!” I said. He started with the Old Testament: “‘They tried to kill us. We survived. […]

Being the Person Your Friend Needs

This blog was written by Melanie Shankle and was originally posted on Read the Arc. There’s a certain security that comes when you see that your best friend is managing to do something you aren’t sure you can do, and seeing my best friend Gulley transition into motherhood gave me the courage to follow her. My husband Perry and I were thrilled to learn I was pregnant and equally […]

How to Be a Man of Integrity

This blog is written by Lt. Charles Causey and was originally posted on The Disciple Maker. As a young man, my army chaplain father told me a true story about 672 men who perished in the middle of the night during World War II. On January 23, 1943, the SS Dorchester departed New York City […]

“I’m Fine” Translation: No You’re Not.

This week’s blog is by Nicole Unice and was originally posted on Read the Arc. How are you?  If you’re like me, when asked this at the grocery store or by a friend you haven’t seen in a while, your response is usually: “Fine!” After all, we can tick off our big blessings—a roof over […]

The Unexpected Rescue

I’d heard the phrase “God is love” plenty of times, but I never really took it to heart. After all, “God is love” seemed to contradict the way in which some Christians had treated me and others. I was never good enough for them, never acted holy enough, and didn’t look the way a supposedly […]

Keep the Fire Burning

This week’s blog is written by Jarrid Wilson. One of my all-time favorite childhood activities in the mountains was starting the nightly campfire. It’s no secret that all children are closet pyromaniacs. Something about kids and fire just goes hand in hand. Fire is mesmerizing, to say the least, and it begs to be played […]

Get To Know the Boring Christ

This week’s blog is written by Matt Mikalatos. I have a friend, a young woman we’ll call Chelsea. She’s an atheist, and one day she said to me, “You Christians seem to think Jesus is boring.” I was shocked. After all, she and I had discussed him at length. “What do you mean?” “I mean, you […]